Don't give up

by Old Stuff

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Recorded in September 2013 at Trash Zone Studio
in Hospitalet de Llobregat (BCN).

Recorded and mixed by Juan Carlos (Trash Zone Studio)
Produced by Juan Carlos (Trash Zone Studio) and Old Stuff

Design and Layout: Missaghast
Cover: Dani Naimare


released September 23, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Old Stuff Barcelona, Spain

Old Stuff:

Raul - Vocals
Raul - Guitar
Txassu - Guitar
Marc - Drums
Kopito - Bass

In Memoriam:

Thomas - Vocals
Xavi - Drums
Adán - Vocals
Rafa - Guitars
Germán - Drums
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Track Name: sick'n'destroyed
Waking up
Disgrace and suffer
Is all my life has to offer

Bloodstains all over the place
On the sheet and on my hands
Right now, memory is none of my best friends

Don`t know what happend last night
Did I struggle and got in to a fight?
Oh Lord, please help me
I`m wasted, can`t you see?

Tried to remember yesterday
All memorys are blown away
At least, I`m home, I think so far
Yeah, this room looks familiar


My hope is gone
To find out what happened
Hey stop, just wait, give me a second


I`ve got an Idea
To reduce the pain
I get me a gun
And shoot out my brains
Track Name: leck mich
Du warst schon immer so
dein ganzes Leben
die shwere Kindheit und dein ständiges Streben
nach anderen Welten
in denen nur deine Regeln gelten
Ja, du hattest es wirklich schwer,
in der Sekte wolten sie dich nicht mehr
rausgeworfen in hohem Bogen
dabei nimmst du doch nicht mal Drogen
dein letzter Kiff schon Jahre her
heute machst du sowas nicht mehr
Hältst dich für einem von den guten
und lässt die anderen dafür bluten
Zu Kompromissen nich bereit
Jedes deiner Worte bringt mir Übelkeit
Dummheit und Ignoranz ist alles was ich sehe
"hauptsache ich", dein wile geschehe
du blautest dir ein Schloss aus Vorurteilen
ausser dir möchte dort keiner werweilen
einsam und allein darfst du dein Reich verwalten
das keiner zu dir hält liegt klar an deinem Verhalten
komm, denk dir noch was neues aus
eine kleine Schelte halte ich noch aus
Du hast doch sicherlich noch mehr in petto
in deinem kranken Gedankenghtto
Egal was du jetzt sagst
ich hör dir nicht mehr <u
denk von mir aus as du willst
doch lass mich dammit in ruhe
jetzt sag ich dir was
und zwar klar und nicht cubtil
von den 7 Miliarden Menschen
bist du einxer zu viel.
Track Name: trainspotting
Sitting in the waiting hall
Got nothing to do
I`m not waiting for someone, I`m not waiting for you
I could spend my time useful
I`ve got plenty of it
But I don’t know what to do, I`ll have to admit

So I watch the trains leaving, going in and out
Ask myself what is life all about
All the people out there with their minds all in doubt
Remind me of a zombie crowd

Rich and poor, black and white
Here a women cries, there`s another fight
The situation seems to me like a perfect image of society


Suddenly a zombie turns to me
With no affection he walks in my direction
Should I run or should I hide
Now he`s here, it is too late

Hi, my name is Tina is what she say
I might have seen her another day
Do you wanna be lucky? I can show you how
Sorry mam, I`m kinda busy now
Track Name: apple tree
Here we are again, under the apple tree
Do you remember how much time we spend there in perfect harmony
Warm summer days, we were watching the clouds go by
And the wind was softly blowing through the rye

And then one day, you didn’t show up there
I was wondering and worried were you where
The doctors just discovered your disease
I was horrified, it took me the air to breathe

35 days in a hospital bed, the doctors tried their best to save you from the dead
I can´t imagine what you´ve been through, it was the worst time for me and you
You were on a journey between life and death, every minute had could been your last breath
Night and day I was here by your side and praying for your life

Don´t give up! Don´t give up!

There is no much left of you, only your body and your head
It breaks my heart to see you so sad
But keep in mind when we are under the apple tree
That you still look beautiful to me
Track Name: rumours
Hey you, did you heard the news?
I swear, it´s the goddamn truth
Yesterday I slept with your mum
It was easy to make her come

I only go out when it´s dark
I´m cooking drugs in my backyard
I´ve got a multiple personality
You´ll never know if it´s fake or reality

There a so many rumors going round ´bout you and me

You just won the lottery
You´re not the guy that you used to be
You had a heart for the poor
Now you like your money more

Have you heard, the singer is dead
From this one band, you must have heard
Now they will no longer play
I couldn´t stand them anyway